Limewire is not considered a safe way to download music, nor is it currently possible to use Limewire to download music. As of October 26, 2010, Limewire is under a court order to stop distributing the Limewire software. The courts ordered Limewire to cease all activity because it was found to be used “overwhelmingly for infringement” and “intentionally encouraged direct infringement” of copyrighted material.

So, what does this mean? It means that software or programs like Limewire are involved in illegal activity because they are pulling from all different computers to create a new “copy” – and no one is paying for anything. Thus, music is distributed for free and the artist is not compensated. If you are not paying for the music, you probably got it illegally. Some people don’t realize that ALL musicians are affected by piracy.

Limewire and other programs like it could potentially open up your computer to receive harmful viruses. Also it can open up any files you have stored on your computer and share those with others. Many people think that Limewire can only access your “music downloads” folder, but it can actually access other folders and makes those public. It could be important banking information or other files on your computer that you wouldn’t want leaking out to the world. There are numerous cases where this has happened.