Promethean ActivBoards

Promethean ActivBoards


In order to calibrate your Promethean ActivBoard for use with the pen, take the following steps:
  1. First make sure that the Promethean Board is plugged into your computer (make sure that the indicator light on the top left of the board is glowing white).
  2. Also, ensure that your projector is turned on so that there is an image on the board.
  3. Go to your computer and launch the Activstudio software by going to “Start” a “Programs” a “active Software” a “Activstudio3” and clicking on “Activstudio Professional Edition V3”.
  4. The software will start up, after which a window (with an orange bar across the top) will appear.
  5. At the top of the new window, click the “Configure” tab.
  6. When you click this, new selections will appear.
  7. Click on “Configure” (below where you previously clicked “Configure”-it has a small Promethean Board icon to the left of it).
  8. Your screen will now turn white and it will say “Click on surface to continue.”
  9. Proceed to the Promethean Board with your pen and touch the surface of the board with your pen.
  10. A small crosshair will appear in the top left of the board, touch the center of this crosshair with your pen.  A new crosshair will appear at the top right of the board, do the same.   Repeat this process until the white window disappears.
  11. The calibration process is now complete.  You are ready to begin using your Promethean board.
Your Promethean Board came with a special pen that was given to you when the board was installed.  This pen is the ONLY way to use your Promethean board.  Keep your pen in a safe place, as we do not have replacements.
Important! The surface of the Promethean Board is NON-ERASABLE.  DO NOT WRITE ON THE PROMETHEAN BOARD WITH ANYTHING (including, but not limited to, permanent markers and dry erase markers).  Once the surface of the Promethean Board has been written on, it cannot be removed, and the writing will permanently be on your board.


Do not use abrasive powders, soap, detergents or petroleum based cleaners or solvents on the Activboard surface.  
We recommend a proprietary brand of dry-wipe marker board cleaner.
Water based cleaners containing ammonia, vinegar or citrus (e.g., glass and counter cleaners) that leave no residual film are acceptable as a second choice.  Please check the contents on the container label prior to use or clean and test a small area before cleaning the entire surface.
Stubborn stains or accumulations from other contaminants such as fingerprint oil, dirt, dust or use of grease, pencil or permanent markers may require use of a detergent cleaner and a soft bristle brush.  After such a cleaning it will be necessary to clean the surface two or more times with the approved whiteboard cleaner or denatured alcohol.
Scratches cannot be repaired or removed and will make ink and stain removal to that area difficult.  Do not use metal brushes, scrapers or cleaning cloths whose prior use is questionable.
A polish with standard household spray polish will restore the smooth writing surface after cleaning.
Indicator Light
Your Promethean Board has a small indicator light at the top of the board.  This light can be used to diagnose problems, as well as tell you if the board is turned on and plugged in.  Ensure that the board is plugged in by looking at the indicator light.  If the light is white, that means that the board is plugged in and powered on and should work properly.  If the light is red or orange, that means there is a problem and you should e-mail me.

Power Requirements
Many of the new Promethean boards do not need to be plugged into the wall.  However, if your board came with a plug and needs to be plugged in, ensure that it is plugged in or else your board will not work.  Before you e-mail with a problem, try unplugging your board from the wall (if it needs to be plugged in_ and plug it back into another outlet to see if that fixes the problem.

Software Requirements
The Promethean Boards require a special software in order to be able to use all of the functionality of the board.  The Promethean Activstudio v3 software and the Promethean ActivInspire software (both of which are located in “Start” a “Programs” a “Active Software”) are programs that are specifically designed to work with the Promethean Board.  Both pieces of software features tools such as a pen and highlighter that can be used with other programs on your computer such as Microsoft PowerPoint.  Refer to the training material to learn more about the powerful features of the Promethean Board and the associated software.

If your Promethean Board is not working properly, try the following things before requesting help
- Check to make sure that the cable for the Promethean Board is securely plugged into the back of your computer.  Try unplugging it and plugging it back in, as this sometimes solves the problem
- Also, check the indicator light that was discussed earlier in this section to see what color it is.  When e-mailing me with a problem, be sure to make note of what color the indicator light is showing.