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Your mailboxes

You can access your different mailboxes by using the navigation tools on the left. To make it easier to find folders such as Spam and Deleted, click on Settings, Mail Settings and then go to the Labels tab. Click hide for the following: Starred, Important, Follow up, Misc, and Priority. Click show for Spam and Trash. You can then return to your inbox and your mailboxes like Inbox, Deleted, and Spam will show on the left navigation bar.



Sending an e-mail

To compose an e-mail, simply click on Compose Mail. This will bring up a new message where you can enter your recipients, subject, and the message itself. To attach a file, simply click on the Attach a file link underneath the Subject field, which will bring up a box to select the file(s) you would like to attach. Gmail features a spell check feature which can be found at the upper right hand side of the message field. When you are done typing your message, you can click on Check Spelling and Gmail will make sure you haven’t made any spelling errors. You can then send your message by hitting Send, or you can click Save Now which will save it in the Drafts folder for you to review and send later.




You can organize your e-mails using Labels. Labels are a replacement for traditional folders like in SmarterMail, but think of them more like sticky notes on a piece of paper. You can apply multiple labels to one message, but it won’t create multiple copies of that message. This means that you have a more organized mailbox with fewer messages, but things are also easier to find. To create a new Label, simply click on “x more” and then click on Create new label. This will bring up a box where you can enter the name of the new Label and then you have the option of nesting the new label under another Label.


You can select messages from your inbox (or any other folder) and Archive them, report them as spam, delete them, or move them to a folder/apply a label to them. You can also click and drag messages if you click and hold on the area to the left of the check boxes.



Extra Settings

By default, Conversation View is on. Conversation view groups e-mails of the same topic together, however it can make things confusing when multiple people have been e-mailing each other about the same topic. To turn it off, click on the gear (settings) in the upper right hand side and then click on Mail Settings. On the Settings page, General tab, scroll down to where it says “Conversation View” and select “Conversation view off.”

Additionally, to make an e-mail signature that will be sent with each message, continue to scroll down the General tab on the Settings page until you see the Signature field. Enter in the Signature that you want with the formatting of your choice.


Once you have completed these two things, you can scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes and this will return you to your inbox.

To turn the ads in Gmail off, go to Settings and click on the Web Clips tab. On the Web Clips tab, uncheck the box that says Show my web clips above the Inbox. You can then return to your Inbox and the web clips will not appear.




To access your Contacts, simply click on the Contacts link on the navigation bar at the left. This will open the Contacts manager where you can see your contacts, add new ones, and organize them by groups. To add a new contact, click on the icon with the + Single Person 1 . This will add a single contact. You can put in e-mail addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, and more. If you would like to organize your contacts by groups, you can click on the + Two People icon 2 to add a new group. You can then go back and click the check box next to each contact that you would like in a group and then click on the Groups drop down box and select which group you would like to add to or you can create a new group right from this menu.


Google Mail Problems – Sending Mail to Groups

Issue: Cannot view "Cancel" or "Done" option when adding groups.


  • Select “TOOLS” from the internet explorer bar.
  • Select “Compatibility View Settings”
  • There are 3 option boxes at the bottom of the page…
  • Ensure that only the box for “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” has been checked.
  • Refresh the web page using the refresh button.