Google Calendars

To share a calendar that you have created, first sign into your account and click on the Calendar tab at the top of the page.


Once your calendar has loaded, look below the mini calendar on the left hand side for a list of your calendars. Keep in mind that you can share any or all of the calendars that you have created, however for this example I have just used the default calendar that is created with your account.


Once you have located the calendar you would like to share, click on the down arrow to the right of its name. This will bring up a menu of options – click on Share this Calendar



This will bring up the Share this Calendar settings tab. Look toward the bottom where you will find Share with specific people. Find the Enter email address text box. This is where you will enter the e-mail address or addresses of the person/people that you would like to share the calendar with (if the person is in your contacts, their name will appear below as you type and you can select it if that is who you are looking for).


Once you have finished typing the e-mail address, click Add Person.

Once you have entered their e-mail address, you can change the settings for what the person can see and/or edit (and also whether or not they can share with others).

  1. - If you would like the other person to be able to edit, delete, or add events and also be able to share the calendar with others, choose the first option (Make changes AND manage sharing)
  2. - If you would like the other person to be able to edit, delete, or add events but not be able to manage sharing, choose the second option (Make changes to events)
  3. - If you would like the person to just be able to view the calendar (with all details attached), choose the third option (See all event details)
  4. - If you would only like the person to see what times you are free or busy, with no details, choose the last option (See only free/busy (hide details))


After you’re done adding people and choosing Permission Settings, click on Save. The other person or people will get an e-mail notifying them that you have shared your calendar. It will include a link that they can open which will add your calendar to their list of calendars.