Google Docs

To first create a document, presentation, spreadsheet, form, drawing, or collection document, click Create new button on the left hand side of your screen.



To give your document a name click in the box that says Untitled document.



Then Google Docs will prompt you to name your file.




To save your current work click the Save now button. After you click the save button once, the document will automatically save itself.




After you are done working, you can click the Google logo to return to your dashboard.


This is your dashboard. It shows you recent documents you have been working on.




From the dashboard, you can complete many tasks. For example, you can share, rename, download to your computer, and rename the document. To do this mouse over the file on the right hand side and the button “actions,” will appear. Click on the button for the different options.


Sharing a Document


Sharing a document is useful if you need other people to see the document that your working on. As the owner of the document, you can change if other people are allowed to make changes to the document, or if you only want people to view it.


To enable sharing of a document click the action button for the file.

Then move your mouse to Share, then click the Share button.




In the share dialog box you can enter, people’s names that you want to share the document with, include a personal message, and change if other people can edit the document.