File Storage

Saving to “My Documents”

When you save files to the “My Documents” folder on your computer, you are actually saving them on a server at school. If you try accessing "My Documents" outside of school they will not be available because you are no longer on the network connected to the server. You can use ilocker from your computer to access files you have saved to the mohawk server. If you need directions on how to do this please read the ilocker support page.

Saving to Desktop

When you save files to the “Desktop” folder on your computer, these files can only be accessed from the computer that you saved the files on. These files will NOT follow you around, and this information is NOT backed up, so it is highly suggested that you back up these files so that they are not lost in the event of a hard-drive failure. It is your responsibility to maintain a backup of your data that is saved to the Desktop in the event of a failure. This is a more convenient way of quickly accessing a file because it will be located right on the home screen of your computer, but it is not the preferred manor in which to store your information.

Saving to teacherserver

The school district maintains a server dedicated to the teachers. This server has space for teachers to save any files that they would like to keep safe. This is the preferred place to store any and all files that you have pertaining to school business. Any information stored to the teacherserver is backed up routinely and so this data is much safer in the event of a computer failure. Additionally, these files are stored off of your computer, so if something happens to your computer and it will not work again, you will still be able to access all of your files. (see backup link for a list of files that are not backed up)

Saving to a laptop

You can save files to your laptop one of two ways. The first is if you are at school and using the school’s wireless or wired Internet. In the event of this, you can save your files to the teacherserver as described above. The alternate method of saving files when using your laptop is if you are at home (or somewhere where you do not have access to the Mohawk network), or if you wish to use your files while at home. If you have things that you want to save and work on at home, be sure to save them to your Desktop, as these files are local and can be accessed off the school’s network. BUT remember that any information you save on the Desktop are not backed up and it is your responsibility to guard yourself from data loss.

Saving to D&R (Drop & Retrieve)

The Drop & Retrieve (referred to as D&R) is a folder that can be used to share files between a student and the teacher or a teacher and multiple students. Permissions have to be set up to save to the D&R, so e-mail Mrs. McConnell describing what you would like to do and who you would like to have access to your folder.