The staff and community of the Mohawk Area desire to create an exemplary school district that exhibits the following:

  • acknowledged for the caliber of its graduates, the quality of its staff, and the excellence of its programs;
  • balanced programming where learning is meaningful and relevant, connected with each child's individual needs, ethics, culture, and experiences;
  • committed to continuous improvement, research-based exemplary practice, and data-informed decision-making;
  • lifelong learning is an expectation where learners are motivated to think critically, creatively, collaboratively, and independently.

We see children leaving our schools fueled by their dreams and empowered by their knowledge and able to connect what they have learned to the world around them.

We see a school district where children are the primary focus and are valued, respected, and nurtured.

We see a school district where compassion, fairness, justice, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and good citizenship are present; and where all students, parents, staff, and community members are valued partners.

We see children coming to school ready to learn at their own rate, being challenged, encouraged, supported, and provided the resources to achieve; and each day they leave school wanting to come back tomorrow.

If our future is to be better than our past, we must have the courage to let go of what no longer serves us, embrace what is required for the future, and advocate for what is best for our children, our community, and our nation. Such a journey will require getting more comfortable with change, taking informed risks, and rigorously tracking progress against clearly articulated goals. It will require the conviction to set our own standards in the face of growing state and federal mandates and dwindling financial support. In all areas, it will demand putting children first.