Special Education Evaluation Process

Public School Notice on Evaluation Procedures

After all the evaluations are completed, an Evaluation Report will be compiled with parent involvement and include specific recommendations for types of intervention necessary to deal with the child’s specific needs.  Parents are then invited to participate in a meeting where the results of the multidisciplinary evaluation will be discussed.  For those students who are eligible for special education services, an Individual Education Program (IEP) will be developed for specialized services for the student.

The School District IEP Team will consist of at least three of the following district staff: the building principal, the special education teacher, the regular education teachers(s), the district psychologist, special education supervisor, other teachers or specialists as needed and other administrative staff, when appropriate.

A parent may request that the district initiate a screening or evaluation of their child’s specified needs at any time by contacting the child’s school.  Further information about these procedures may be obtained by calling Jamie Stevens, Special Education Supervisor, at Mohawk High School at (724)667-7782 ext. 1306.

Parents are an integral part of the IEP team and need to be physically present at the IEP meeting.  The district will make every effort to insure parent participation. The district will notify the parents in writing, and make documented phone calls to make parents aware of the IEP conference and the need for parent participation. Parents are then presented a Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NOREP) with which they may agree or disagree.  If parents disagree with the program being recommended, the issue may be taken to mediation or a due process hearing as directed in the Procedural Safeguards Notice that is provided to parents along with the initial Permission to Evaluate.