Emotional Support

Program Description:

The Mohawk Emotional Support program is designed for students with significant emotional support needs. It includes those who have difficulty functioning in the general education classroom. Emotional Support services are offered at all levels of services, Itinerant, Supplemental, and Full time, based on individual student need. The MHS Emotional Support class is designed to provide both academic and emotional support to students who are unable to participate in general educational programs because of moderate to severe behavioral, social and personal skill impairments.  The purpose of having the Emotional Support Program within the regular school setting is to provide students with models of appropriate academic and social behavior.

The Mohawk Emotional Support class has a maximum number of 8 students. There is at least one paraprofessional within the classroom, in addition to the teacher. All staff working with students in the ES program are trained in nonviolent crisis intervention and safety mechanics techniques.

Small group instruction is offered for all academic areas including, language arts (reading and writing),  mathematics, science, social studies, problem solving, and social and life skills.

The Primary Goal of the Emotional Support program is to return students to regular education programs through the development of academic, behavioral, social and personal skills.

Related Services are included in the basic program.

Program Features:
•    Direct Instruction in Academic and  Social Skill Areas
•    Transition services for secondary students
•    Positive Behavior Support Expertise
•    Inclusion opportunities
•    Support Services of Psychologist, Social Worker, Behavior Specialist, Behavior Instructional Aide
•    Coordination with Regular Education Curriculum