Physical/Occupational Therapy

Physical/Occupational Therapy


What is the Intent of Educational Occupational and Physical Therapy?

Educational goals are primary.

To reduce the effect of chronic conditions so that a child can benefit from the special educational program.


Services are collaborative.  Much time devoted to communication with other service providers.

Focus on functional skills and adaptations that promote the attainment of educational objectives.

More responsibilities are delegated.

Therapist provides services both within and outside the classroom.


  • To improve knowledge and skills of student, family, and education staff regarding the educational impact of the student’s disability via collaboration.
  • To maximize the child’s ability to execute functional tasks required at school.
  • To enable the student to participate in school activities and remain in the least restrictive environment.
  • To provide for the student’s optimal freedom of movement and access within the school setting.
  • To facilitate the student’s ability to respond to basic sensorimotor information as a foundation for the development of motor skills and for the organization of attention and behavior.
  • To maintain the child in the best position of stability for functional use of hands and learning.
  • To communicate the student’s skills to the educational team.
  • To improve competency of educational staff in body mechanics, handling techniques, and motor skills.
  • To provide educationally based therapy activities both within and outside of the therapy classroom.