Bus Procedures and Behavior

Taken from the 13-14 Mohawk Area Elementary handbook.

BUS PROCEDURE (All Students)
Mohawk’s buses travel over one-half million miles each year on some very narrow roads and in all kinds of weather conditions.  A bus driver’s primary responsibility is for the safety of all the students on the bus.  The driver must pay attention to other traffic, to road conditions, to safe loading and unloading of each student and to many other unforeseen dangers.  Students who misbehave take the driver’s attention away from where it should be and jeopardize the safety of everyone on the bus.  Buses for the Mohawk Area School District may be monitored both visually and audibly for the safety and welfare of the students.

Remember, riding a bus is a privilege.

School districts do not have to provide transportation to students.  Students should also be aware that while they are being transported they are “on school property.”  This means that if students violate the discipline code, they are responsible for whatever penalty it would call for plus the loss of bus riding privileges.  If this occurs, it is the parents’ responsibility to transport the students to school until such time as he/she has been reinstated by the administration.  An absence on a day that a child is deprived of his bus privileges will be considered unlawful unless the student has a doctor’s excuse.

The bus driver or administration reserves the right to assign bus seats.

Students must ride the same scheduled bus home as they ride to school.  Students are not permitted to ride a different bus home to visit friends, attend meetings, parties and/or etc.

1. Students are to wait at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of bus arrival.  Stand quietly in a safe area on the side of the road at the bus stop, cross in front of the bus when bus lights are flashing and all traffic is stopped.
2. Students will be assigned a seat by the driver; they will take their seats promptly and keep the aisles clear at all times.  Movement in and out of the bus shall be orderly, without pushing.
3. Students will always obey the bus driver.
4. Older pupils must pay due regard to the safety and welfare of younger pupils.
5. All carry on items and materials must be held on the student’s lap.  This would exclude any band instruments larger than a flute or clarinet.
6. No eating or drinking permitted on the bus.
7. No standing or moving from the seat once the bus is in motion.  The student must sit facing forward for the entire trip.
8. No abusive language or obscene gestures permitted.
9. No throwing of items in the bus or out of the bus.
10. No arms (hands or heads, etc.) protruding out of the bus window.
11. No littering, smoking, or spitting on the bus.
12. No fighting, pushing or tripping.
13. Windows may be opened only with prior permission of the driver.  The emergency door is to be used only to vacate the bus during extreme emergencies and drills.
14. No taking on board any injurious article or item objectionable in nature (including live animals).
15. No student will be placed in charge or responsible for the behavior of the bus load of students.
16. When being discharged, cross the road in front of the bus after the driver gives you the “safe” signal.
17. The driver will be alerted by the school nurse of any serious medical problems of the students.
18. Never tamper with the bus or any of the equipment.
19. Parents will be responsible for any cost incurred as a result of damage to bus property or student property by their child.
20. Any violation of the district’s Smoking/Drug/Alcohol Policy or Dangerous Instruments/Weapons Policy must be reported promptly to the Administration.
21. For the safety of students, a parent or designated adult should be at the bus stop to meet students in grades K-2 as they return home.

Students who violate bus rules will be assigned detention.  Children will receive a warning for the first infraction with subsequent infractions resulting in recess detention or Friday detention.  Subsequent offenses will result in doubling the detentions of the student or the student may be removed from the bus.  During detention, students must be occupied with schoolwork.  Transportation must be provided by a parent.  The administration has the authority to take the privilege of riding the bus from the student if the student’s behavior is not satisfactory.