Clubs & Activities

Taken from the 15-16 Mohawk Area Elementary handbook.

The same standard of conduct and dress that applies at school during school hours shall also be applicable at all school sponsored activities. Serious offenses may result in the loss of activities and/or privileges. Students are expected to demonstrate responsible behavior. Parent/guardian permission must be given for student participation in all activities held away from school property. Participation in field trips is at the sole discretion of the administration.

Only students involved in extra-curricular activities and under the supervision of a teacher are allowed to remain in the building after school. All others, unless otherwise assigned, must go directly home. Participation in extra-curricular activities is at the sole discretion of the administration.

The Student Government Association is an organization designed to provide leadership opportunities for students in grades K through 6. Representatives, alternates, and officers are elected early in the school year. This group
has a regular scheduled monthly meeting and an executive committee meeting with the administration. SGA sponsors school events.

The band is comprised of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students who are taking instrumental instruction. Practices

Chorus is composed of fifth and sixth grade students who have an interest and ability in vocal music. Practice will be determined by the choir director and parents will be notified.

The Math Club is designed for grades 3 - 6 students. Math Club will meet once per week in October and continue through April. Club members are given time to complete homework during each session, as well as, an
opportunity to play a variety of different math games.

The Science Club will consist of Super Science Friday activities held during the ACT 80 early dismissal Fridays in February, March, and April.