Mrs. Buckley's Library Page

Elementary Librarian -- Mrs. Buckley

The Library Media Specialist (Librarian) is in charge of all IMC materials. The IMC (Library) is the center of material resources and audiovisual equipment. At Mohawk Elementary, we have two Libraries to serve our students and staff. Our Primary IMC contains books and materials for grade K-3 students and teachers as well as our Professional Materials collection and our Parent Resources collection. Our Intermediate IMC contains books and materials for our students and teachers in grades 4-6. Additional resources found in the Intermediate IMC are our extensive collection of audiovisual materials and equipment for classroom use as well as new and innovative materials for promoting literacy for students: audio books, graphic novels, and periodicals. Both IMCs have computer labs for student and classroom use.

We are proud to offer new and exciting materials for all of our patrons and encourage parents and community members to tour our facilities and to view our collection online. You may see our catalog online by using the “Libraries” link under “Schools” on the MASD home page. Choose “Mohawk Elementary” and begin searching by a variety of methods. (Students are instructed to use this program in Library class in Third grade). Please feel free to contact the Library Media Specialist for assistance.

The Libraries are open for use during most of the school day. The Library Media Specialist instructs K-6 students on a fixed class schedule, however classroom teachers wishing to use either facility may do so by scheduling with the Library staff. Books and other materials may be checked out and returned according to Library rules. The Library staff reserves the right to refuse service to students who have unpaid fines or overdue materials. Classroom teachers will notify the IMC when a student is moving from the school district so that a check can be made to see if the student has any books or materials which belong to the IMC and need to be returned. No student will be issued a final report card or given a new room assignment until all materials are returned or financial obligations are met.

If you have any questions, please call 724-667-7782, ext. 1180, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.