Interactive Fitness Center

In the effort to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic, we had a vision of creating an interactive fitness center at the elementary level to help get kids excited about fitness. Today’s tech-savvy children who have grown up playing video games need more interactive fitness technologies to capture their interest. Adult-style disciplines like running or riding a stationary bike are “boring” for tech-savvy students and our goal is to use interactive technologies to get them excited about physical activity. Our vision began the 2006-2007 school year when our administration provided us the space we needed by giving us a room that sits adjacent to our gymnasium. In order to raise the funds to purchase the equipment, we had a fundraiser and then started writing grants. We raised $13,000 for our Step-Into-Wellness fundraiser and then received $50,000 in grant monies. One year later, our interactive fitness center is complete and up and running. To our knowledge, it was the first interactive fitness center at the elementary level in the state of PA.

The fitness center gives us more flexibility in what we are able to teach. Two classes at a time have Physical Education/Wellness class and we share our gymnasium by using a team teach approach. Students have Physical Education/Wellness twice in a six day rotation and one of those days their whole class will be in the fitness center. The other class will have access to the gymnasium and as a result, we are able to provide them more active opportunities and to expose them to activities that might not have been possible otherwise. Please click on the links below to see the fitness center in action.

DDR Video 1

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Subway Video

Fitness Center