Technology Integration

As part of the Physical Education/Wellness curriculum, we have integrated technology into our curriculum. A long range projector and a movie size electric screen are located in the gymnasium and are used to introduce our content every nine weeks. Teacher IPads are used to create Keynote slides that are shown on the large screen to give students a visual of what is being taught. You Tube videos are used as warm-up activities for grades 4-6 and videos from websites like Kids Health are used for primary grades to reinforce concepts like proper nutrition and cardio respiratory endurance.

In the school library, an IPad cart with twenty five IPads can be checked out by any teacher and used in class. In physical education/wellness classes the IPad cart has been checked out and used for lessons that reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom. For primary grades K-3 we use Apps like Jumbo Calculator and the Script Calculator to reinforce math concepts of addition, subtraction and multiplication. A Whiteboard App is used to help with reading concepts like letter recognition and the spelling of their site words. Students simply use their finger to write letters or spell words.
In grades 4-6 we have used a QR App to create a scavenger hunt incorporating health content, a compass App to learn nutrition facts, and the Jumbo Calculator App to find the mean, median, mode and range of their aerobic workout.
Click the videos below to view some sample lessons.


Kindergarten through Third Grade Lessons

Script Calculator Kindergarten

Jumbo Calculator 3rd Grade

Mohawk Second Graders on the Math Chase

Fourth through Sixth Grade Lessons

Body Systems Scavenger Hunt

Wellness Integrates Math

 Navigating through Nutrition

iPad Shooting Assessment

 Mohawk First Graders on the Spelling Chase