Elementary physical education/wellness at Mohawk is part of the total elementary school curriculum and is based on knowledge and physical activity.  It contributes to the major goals of elementary education by aiding in the social and emotional adjustments necessary in society.  General social skills are a major concept taught and practiced during class.  Specific social skills learned through physical education/wellness include sportsmanship, competition, communication, and cooperation.  It also contributes to the emotional skills of the individual by developing a positive self-image, good body awareness, and proper attitudes toward others.  With the combination of the social and emotional skills taught through our program, the child becomes well-adjusted both socially and emotionally.

Mohawk’s curriculum is based on a 100% participation.  100% of the time, developmental model that will influence and encourage a life-style of physical activity.  At the same time, it develops the student’s self-concept and personal attitudes toward health and fitness.  We attempt to teach these ideals by using several different strategies.  First, we develop the student’s self-concept by encouraging them, praising their attempts, and helping them improve their skill level.  Second, activities are planned which require cooperative ventures that will help them gain a sense of personal control by being given the opportunity to solve problems, and to make decisions for themselves.  Third, proper technique is taught so that skills will be beneficial in later years as the students participate in specific sports and recreational activities.  Fourth, the implementation of activities which require group participation and the use of positive social-interaction skills which include communication, cohesiveness, and trust.  Lastly, constant communication about the positive effects of physical fitness in relation to their health and the benefits of maintaining a physically fit life-style throughout adulthood.