Just Dance Celebration

Mohawk Elementary’s Just Dance Celebration is back by popular demand and it will take place on Friday, March 27th in the high school gymnasium. It will be before the PSSA’s this year and will be a kind of “Pep Rally” to kick off the start of the PSSA’s. This year the dance is more of a student driven event. It takes an enormous amount of Wellness class time to teach each dance, therefore, it will  be optional for students in grades four, five and sixth to participate. If students choose not to participate they will still attend the event. Our hope is that you would encourage students to take part of this fun event and even learn your childs’ dance at home with them. Each fourth, fifth and sixth grade homeroom will be assigned a “Dance Coach”. Each dance video will be uploaded in google drive for all homeroom teachers to put on during recess. The dance coaches job would be to remind teachers to play the video, learn the dance and help teach it to their classmates. The day of the dance, all the coaches from each homeroom will be on the first line on the dance floor. You can click on the link to watch your childs dance.


In grades K-3 the dance is not an option, they all will participate. We will be assigning sixth grade students as “Dance Coaches” to each Kindergarten through second grade classrooms. These coaches will go to those classrooms and teach each grade level their dance.


As an incentive for grades four, five and six to participate in the dance, the classes at each grade level that have the highest percentage of students participating in the dance will receive a free Wellness period to be scheduled with the winning classrooms. So please encourage your child to participate. In grades K-3 we are looking at those teachers to pick a boy and a girl “Best Dancer” for each grade level. Our goal is for this to be a fun day for the students before they start the PSSA’s and we appreciate your continued support in the event.





Ms. Miller and Mr. Carr


Click on the links below to view the video's


Kindergarten - Shake it Off


1st Grade - Roar (Backward)
1st Grade - Roar (Forward)


2nd Grade - Greased Lightning (Backward)

2nd Grade - Greased Lightning (Forward)


 3rd Grade - Best Day of My Life (Backward)


4th Grade - More (Backward)

4th Grade - More (Forward)

5th Grade - Maps (Backward)
5th Grade - Maps (Forward)

6th Grade - Hall of Fame (Forward)
6th Grade - Hall of Fame (Forward)