Program of Studies

Click here to download the 2017-18 Program of Studies

Many choices are available to students attending Mohawk Junior Senior High School. These courses are designed to prepare you for life after high school. Many of you will go on to colleges and universities, technical and business schools, the Armed Forces and into the work force. The selections you make must be based on your overall goals and expectations.

Goals and interests do change over time and you should not shortchange yourself. Do not take the easiest courses just to get high grades. Colleges and universities, business and technical schools, and employers will give more weight to your course selections than to your grades. It is for this reason that a student who has attempted a more demanding course load but has a lower grade point average, may be offered admission to a school or employment before a student with a higher grade point average but with a less demanding course load.

Make your selections carefully. Select courses that fit your future plans and goals. The better your course selections match your future plans, the more successful you will be in life.